Who We Are and What We Do

We’re a bunch of experienced startup aficionados.😊

Jackie ChengGogolook


Ian HuangGood People Ventures

Mark HsuTammy Pan @ Pinehurst Advisors

Jeff KuoRagic

Jeff KuoGogolook

James LeeSerial Angel Investor

Alex SongAlfred Systems

Reiny SongGogolook

Kenny SuKdan Mobile

Tony Zhang @ Ventek Ventures

Wei-Kai Liao @ ActionApp

M.H. @ IoT cybersecurity

We love investing in areas where we can truly help out.🚀

Enterprise/ Consumer SaaS



We invest in people we’ve developed trustworthy connections with.🤝

Victor Chao, Jing Chao, Wayne Fan @ Frontier 

Ethan Fu @ ELKRoom

Kevin Lu @ dotBRAND

Seira Yun @ Socious

Alex Pan @ Storipress

Our Strategy

Good People Ventures L.P. (GPV) is a venture capital fund that’s all about community and collaboration. We’re not your typical VC – our fund is backed by a network of decentralized venture scouts1 who share our values and vision.

At GPV, we believe in the power of good people investing in good people. That’s why we’re focused on building trust and investing in our scouts’ network.

We’re also building a venture brand that entrepreneurs can count on. Our pool of GPV partners is experienced and dedicated to helping pre-seed and seed startups grow and thrive.

People first.

1 Scout network is a group of well-connected startup influencers who team up with venture capital funds to help find awesome startups and make investment decisions

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